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Identifying the 


within the customer journey.  

We identify micro-moments by recognizing times when someone has a particular type of need. Someone may need to learn something, somebody may need to get something done, or someone may need to buy something.

It's about creating the content or tools that enable people to accomplish whatever they want at that particular moment. 

Google has defined them as 'moments of truth' and that's what we focus on. 

Scope of work

ENGAGE (marketing & social) 

Brand Strategy 

Retail Engagements 

Partnerships & Alliances 

Events & Activations

Social Media Management 

Influencer Engagement 


CREATE (content production) 

Content Calendars 

Social Identity 

Product Shoots 

Lifestyle Shoots 

Brand Identity 

Video Content 

INTERACT (e-commerce &  digital) 

E-commerce / Shopify / Wordpress / HTML 

Google Ad Words (ppc)

Facebook & Instagram Campaigns (sem)

Contest & Competitions 


Affiliate Marketing 

Email Marketing 

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