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Women For Women - Going Digital

Raishma is a contemporary British couturier taking influences from cultures both east and west. Raishma uses authentic hand beading and thread work to veil delicate fabrics of georgette silks and tulle in her signature subtle colour palette. With a strict eye for detail and understanding the precise craftsmanship that goes into creating luxurious gowns, Raishma brings a designer influenced ready-to-wear collection to the market at affordable prices. Her fusion inspired aesthetic is unique and offers originality, thus allowing the collection to stand out distinctively.

With social media playing a key role in a brand's growth, we laid emphasis on storytelling the USPs through innovative partnerships that would interest the customers. We collaborated with a number of social media artists across the Middle East and the UK in bringing to life a digital campaign called Women For Women. Through this campaign, we promoted a facet of the brand that empowered women - working with women groups in India in weaving Raishma's masterful dresses.

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