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Wandering Souls x Walkitecture

X&Zero organised one of the first cycle tours for Walkitecture in an effort to add another dimension to the existing walks. Wandering Souls was brought on board for a cycle tour through the empty streets of South Bombay on a lazy Sunday morning. Nikhil Mahashur led the exploration of old buildings with striking features and lesser-told stories behind every façade and structure.

X&Zero's two-prong approach - online, through content and offline, through immersive experiences, not only generated organic content for social media but also led to awareness for the brand through word-of-mouth.

Nikhil Mahashur is a Mumbai-based Architect and Restorer at the helm of NMA (Nikhil Mahashur & Associates). Nikhil also runs Walkitecture, a passion project that explores South Bombay's iconic architecture through immersive walking tours.

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