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Tijori X Jaipur Watch Company

Harbouring the hobby of numismatics and turning it into a passion to create the extraordinary, led to the establishment of Jaipur Watch Company. Jaipur Watch Company handcrafts limited-edition selection of timeless pieces that exude tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design. These masterpieces are unassailable in engineering and helmed by the artistry of its Founder Gaurav Mehta amalgamated with the skill of experienced craftsmen. Each watch is handcrafted meticulously to be cherished as heirlooms that are worthy of being passed down generations.

Jaipur Watch Company was an entrepreneurial luxury watch brand that was aiming to break into a challenging and populated Indian watch market. This highly competitive market space is dominated by heavy spending, well-known or funded international brands that had consistently spent on traditional media. As a result, they were better known to market influencers and consumers. After multiple meetings with Gaurav, the strategy devised encompassed creative communication and strategic partnerships that would engage and influence key decision-makers in India. The scope of work also involved identifying non-traditional targets to build a point of sale network.

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts is synonymous the world over with providing the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Internationally acclaimed for all-round excellence and unparalleled levels of service, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have received innumerable awards and accolades. The Oberoi hotel’s signature store is called Tijori and the shop includes handicrafts, jewellery, clothes and accessories from various parts of the country. Considering both brands worked with Indian craftspeople and were targeting similar audiences, building a partnership with the Oberoi Hotels & Resorts group for a point of sale association with its Tijori stores made strategic business sense.

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