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Celebrating 111 Years of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai

In the heart of Jaipur, dwells a dream born from the creative instincts of brothers Paritosh and Priyank Mehta. Driven by their fascination for local crafts and culture, they embarked on an evolutionary journey and interpreted one-of-a-kind trunks to treasure collectibles, passions, tradition, memories.

Trunks Company was a start-up luxury brand that competed with renowned luxury labels such as Louis Vuitton and Goyard to name a few. These iconic brands defined the space and invested heavily in traditional media. As a result, they were better known to market influencers and consumers. After multiple meetings with Paritosh and Priyank, the strategy devised encompassed creative communication and strategic partnerships that would engage and influence key decision-makers in India and internationally.

Considering the product’s bespoke nature and its target audience, our creative team felt that building a partnership with the Taj Group of Hotels would bring together two core elements of both the brands -heritage and culture.

Research and data suggested that tourists (inbound) and business travellers visiting the state and country almost always stayed at the Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai. Considering the brand targeted this customer segment, X & Zero pursued a collaboration between the Taj Group of Hotels on behalf of Trunks Company Jaipur.


Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group, opened the Taj Mahal Palace, a hotel in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) overlooking the Arabian Sea, on 16 December 1903. It was the first Taj property and the first Taj hotel. In the year 2014, the palace hotel was celebrating its 111th year and with that knowledge, X & Zero laid the foundation for the creation of a bespoke trunk that celebrated the palace, its place in history and its architectural brilliance.

Romanticizing the era of artistic excellence, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel has been witness to the prolonged affair between royalty and luxury. As an ode to the invaluable memorabilia of The Taj Mahal Palace and 111 years of its existence, Trunks Company handcrafted a trunk, “Timeless Travels with The Taj”. The hotel has been synonymous with luxury travel since yesteryears and trunks being the most coveted travel accoutrements for the elite, the connect with travel was evident in this majestic creation. This bespoke rendition is placed in the historic corridors of the hotel and is an integral part of the palace tour.

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