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The Cherie Blair Foundation X Raishma

Raishma is a contemporary British couturier taking influences from cultures both east and west. Raishma uses authentic hand beading and thread work to veil delicate fabrics of georgette silks and tulle in her signature subtle colour palette. With a strict eye for detail and understanding the precise craftsmanship that goes into creating luxurious gowns, Raishma brings a designer influenced ready-to-wear collection to the market at affordable prices. Her fusion inspired aesthetic is unique and offers originality, thus allowing the collection to stand out distinctively.

The Cherie Blair Foundation helps release the potential of women entrepreneurs so they can redefine the future. With the support of the foundation, women and girls start and grow successful businesses – and reclaim the rights and freedoms they are often denied. As a result, they earn a better living – but that’s only the beginning. Families flourish. Communities prosper. Attitudes shift. Economies grow. And women move the world in a whole new direction.

In working with the team at the foundation, we put together a concept that celebrated women. Considering the fact that Raishma empowered women in producing the garments that were worn by women of influence, we aptly coined this partnership as a 'Women for Women' experience.

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