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Sthapatya - Social Media Management

Sthapatya, a Jaipur-based architectural and interior consulting firm established in 1996 and led by Sandeep Khandelwal and Ritu Khandelwal.

Sthapatya is known for its distinct design language and a diverse portfolio that includes the revival of Alila Fort Bishangarh Jaipur (a 230-year-old warrior fort), the transformation of ITC Rajputana Jaipur (a luxury collection hotel), Radisson Blu, retail design for Sunita Shekhawat Jaipur (a heritage jewellery showroom), renovation and conservation of Fort Mejagarh (owned by erstwhile Princess Priyamvada Singh), the luxe design of Kothari Mansion (an award-wining private residence) and conceptualisation of Nine Dot Squares (Jaipur Design Show) to list a few.

Architecture, Landscape Design, Interior & Decor, and Heritage Conservation form the core of Sthapatya's design practice. As members of the IIA, COA, IIID, PHD and PETA, the architect duo and co-founders Sandeep and Ritu collaboratively work with clients, experimenting with various design vocabularies, using their in-depth knowledge of handcrafted elements and nurturing a combined passion for the environment.

X&Zero took a content-first approach to build a social media presence for the architectural firm. The idea was to create and implement a content strategy highlighting various facets of the company - its story, founders and projects.

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