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Shrima Rai x MK Jewels

Since 1999, MK Jewels has been a benchmark for design, craftsmanship, quality and price. As India’s leading manufacturer and retailer of Real Diamond, Gold and CZ jewelry, the brand offers more than 5000 exclusive designs and a wide-ranging collection. Over the past 20 years, Ram and Neelam Raimalani have successfully established stores in Mumbai and Ahmedabad alongside a loyal customer base across the country and globally.  

Although established for two decades, MK JEWELS was now looking at enhancing brand visibility in a densely populated jewelry market. This highly competitive space is dominated by heavy spending and well-known jewelers that had consistently spent on traditional media. As a result, they were better known to consumers. After multiple meetings with Neelam, we devised a strategy that focused on strengthening the brand's online presence through engaging content.

Shrima Rai has renounced a lucrative career in banking and made a successful foray into the glittering realm of the now-ubiquitous digital influencer.

For International Women's Day, MK JEWELS partnered with Shrima Rai and seven incredible women entrepreneurs for a pop-up celebrating women and all things they love - jewellery, fashion, beauty and food. Neelam Raimalani and Shrima Rai co-hosted this day-long event inviting their respective guests who attended skin and makeup tutorials, browsed through fashionable clothes and jewellery, and indulged in healthy treats.

The idea was to cross-pollinate audiences for a memorable experience and build on hashtag #WomensDay.

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