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Shaina NC X MK Jewels

Since 1999, MK Jewels has been a benchmark for design, craftsmanship, quality and price. As India’s leading manufacturer and retailer of Real Diamond, Gold and CZ jewelry, the brand offers more than 5000 exclusive designs and a wide-ranging collection. Over the past 20 years, Ram and Neelam Raimalani have successfully established stores in Mumbai and Ahmedabad alongside a loyal customer base across the country and globally.  

Although established for two decades, MK JEWELS was now looking at enhancing brand visibility in a densely populated jewelry market. This highly competitive space is dominated by heavy spending and well-known jewelers that had consistently spent on traditional media. As a result, they were better known to consumers. After multiple meetings with Neelam, we devised a strategy that focused on strengthening the brand's online presence through engaging content.

Shaina Nana Chudasama, better known by her abbreviated name Shaina NC, is an Indian fashion designer, politician, and social worker. A daughter of the former Sheriff of Mumbai, Shaina is known in the Indian fashion industry as the 'Queen of Drapes' for draping a saree in fifty-four different ways.

With MK JEWELS set to unveil its collection of Real Diamond, Gold and CZ jewelry over an event, the objective was to create a unique experience for the patrons of the brand.

Jewellery and fashion blend seamlessly. One accentuates the other, hence partnering with a complementing entity like Shaina NC was organic. The idea was to offer both under one roof at MK JEWELS.

The event was designed as an interactive draping workshop by Shaina NC alongside a pop up of her beautifully curated collection of saris paired with signature MK JEWELS. Guests would walk through the MK JEWELS' boutique to view the new collection of jewels and then proceed to a session of sari draping with Shaina herself. To make the experience interactive, guests were encouraged to volunteer to have the sari draped on themselves. Later, everyone would proceed for an informal high-tea hosted by Ram and Neelam Raimalani.

It was a well-received event attended by MK JEWELS' customers, bloggers and the television press. The core objective of brand awareness and sales was achieved.

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