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Sabyasachi X Trunks Company Jaipur

In the heart of Jaipur, dwells a dream born from the creative instincts of brothers Paritosh and Priyank Mehta. Driven by their fascination for local crafts and culture, they embarked on an evolutionary journey and interpreted one-of-a-kind trunks to treasure collectibles, passions, tradition, memories.

Trunks Company was a start-up luxury brand that competed with renowned luxury labels such as Louis Vuitton and Goyard to name a few. These iconic brands defined the space and invested heavily in traditional media. As a result, they were better known to market influencers and consumers. After multiple meetings with Paritosh and Priyank, the strategy devised encompassed creative communication and strategic partnerships that would engage and influence key decision-makers in India and internationally.

"Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s transformation from Kolkata hawker to obscure name on the New York Fashion Week calendar to king of the Indian bridal market has been both unusual and deliberate. Mukherjee graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata in the summer of 1999. Within months he started his namesake label, and soon he was winning awards and showing collections at home and abroad with quirky names like The Frog Princess and The Nair Sisters. Later, he was picked up by retailers like Selfridges and Browns in the UK. In a wedding-obsessed market like India, Sabyasachi is one of the most visible fashion brands in the country.” – Business of Fashion

Considering both brands targeted a similar audience within the bridal and wedding market, we worked towards leveraging a creative partnership that resulted in Trunks Company trunks being an integral part of the Sabyasachi stores, shows and shoots. This complementing partnership widened the Trunks Company’s audience base.

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