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UK-based Robert Simon, a creation of Dave Bance is a highly respected and prominent retailer in the global menswear suiting industry that fuses exceptional design and quality with an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and precise tailoring, for an unmatched sartorial experience.

Attention to detail, superior materials, and reverence for artisanal craftsmanship are the key principles that narrate the story of Robert Simon.

X&Zero built and delivered Robert Simon’s digital ecosystem, leveraging their team's expertise and proficiency in UX, UI, and the creation of customized digital solutions. The team has effectively crafted an online platform that caters to the B2C audience of this B2B brand.

The meticulously designed digital ecosystem enables customers to delve into the brand's extensive collection, engage with the captivating stories behind each garment, and relish a seamless shopping experience.

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