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Nksha X Walkitecture

Nikhil Mahashur, an Architect and Restorer, combines his profession with his passion project, Walkitecture. He offers captivating walking tours of South Mumbai, delighting architecture enthusiasts with intriguing facts about the area's buildings.

Nksha, a newly-launched fine dining experience nestled in the enchanting Art Deco neighborhood of South Mumbai, transports guests back to the vibrant Bombay of the ‘50s and ‘60s. @nksharestaurant proudly presents authentic North Indian delicacies, skillfully prepared to perfection. With a range from traditional classics to innovative fusion creations, each dish and drink bursts with vibrant flavors and aromatic ingredients.

For the restaurant launch, X&Zero collaborated with Walkitecture and Nksha to curate an art-deco-themed experience, where Nikhil's architectural expertise played a significant role in taking the guests back in the Art Deco era through a walk. The experience at Nksha Restaurant centered around savoring Mumbai's rain while enjoying kulhad chai and crispy pakodas. It was a perfect fusion of delectable food and captivating history.

In addition to forging this partnership, X&Zero actively engaged in creating engaging content throughout the event, ensuring that the experience was thoroughly captured and shared on their social media platform.

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