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Nikhil Mahashur & Associates and Walkitecture - Social Media Management

Nikhil Mahashur is a Mumbai-based Architect and Restorer at the helm of NMA (Nikhil Mahashur & Associates), his eponymous architectural practice delivering exemplary projects across Architecture, Renovation, Interiors and PMC.

Nikhil also runs Walkitecture, a passion project that explores South Bombay's iconic architecture through immersive walking tours.

As someone with no interaction with social media, the challenge was to convince Nikhil of the importance and relevance of being digitally present and active. To achieve that, X&Zero used a two-prong approach - online, through content and offline, through immersive experiences via Walkitecture. Partnerships with brands like Mag Street Cafe, Abode, Subko, Blue Tokai, and Bono Icecream Boutique not only generated organic content for social media but also led to awareness for the brand through word-of-mouth.

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