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Neki, Kich and Jagdish Mistry & Associates

Jagdish Mistry is a renowned name in the architecture space since 1986 with a portfolio of projects encompassing both architectural and interior design. He founded Neki and Kich as a partner for complete architectural needs, bringing the science behind the project and giving the clients the highest quality standard with optimum solutions at affordable rates. Neki and Kich offer hardware solutions to some of the most prominent names like Reliance, Yash Raj Films, TATA, Wipro, Standard Chartered, HDFC Bank, Infosys, L&T, Wockhardt, Marks & Spencer, Lodha, ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank, Hyatt, Essar, Honda, Hyundai, Intercontinental Hotel to name a few.

Although established names in the B2B industry, Neki and Kich competed with other architectural brands who invested heavily in traditional media and paid forms of communication. After multiple meetings with Jagdish Mistry, we proposed a PR strategy that would lead with strong media pegs emphasizing on the founder, the products and the projects. That resulted in garnering impactful coverage for the brand in both B2B and B2C press.

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