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Mag St Bread Co x Walkitecture

X&Zero curated a cycle tour led by Architect & Restorator Nikhil Mahashur to celebrate 6 years of Mag St. Bread Co.

Originally an extension of Mazgaon, Byculla evolved into a charming suburb and has been the home to Mag St. Bread Co. We invited guests to join us for an eventful Sunday to explore Byculla on two wheels and end the excursion with a spread of delicious freshly baked goods and a piping hot cup of coffee.

X&Zero's two-prong approach - online, through content and offline, through immersive experiences, not only generated organic content for social media but also led to awareness for Walkitecture and its founder Nikhil Mahashur.

Nikhil Mahashur is a Mumbai-based Architect and Restorer at the helm of NMA (Nikhil Mahashur & Associates). Nikhil also runs Walkitecture, a passion project that explores South Bombay's iconic architecture through immersive walking tours.

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