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Logo & Website Redesign - Raishma London

Raishma is a contemporary British couturier taking influences from cultures both east and west. Raishma uses authentic hand beading and thread work to veil delicate fabrics of georgette silks and tulle in her signature subtle colour palette. With a strict eye for detail and understanding the precise craftsmanship that goes into creating luxurious gowns, Raishma brings a designer influenced ready-to-wear collection to the market at affordable prices. Her fusion inspired aesthetic is unique and offers originality, thus allowing the collection to stand out distinctively.

Part of the brand strategy was to achieve a better balance between wholesale and retail growth. This implied there needed to be an added emphasis on ensuring the website, social channels and digital marketing were relevant and aligned. The two aspects that we felt needed a re-look were the logo and the website.

When executed well, a new logo can inject life into a company and drive a new wave of sales and brand loyalty. When executed poorly, a new logo can be the cringe-worthy mark of a brand's decline. At the two most extreme ends of the colour spectrum are black and white. While many logos include these colours, there are some that utilise the two colours exclusively.

White often represents innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Black, on the other hand, can be seen as conservative or intimidating, but it is also often associated with sophistication, luxury, confidence, and strength.

While all print and media advertisements used to be black and white back in the day, using other colours really do make ads pop more. That being said, a study in an article from the University of Chicago Press found that, “Black-and-white images can lead consumers to focus on the abstract, essential, and defining components of a product. In contrast, colour images can draw attention to the concrete, sometimes unimportant and idiosyncratic features of the product”. We decided that Raishma's garments needed to be the focus and any form of distraction needed to be taken off. We were then tasked with a logo redesign and had to keep in mind various applications that relate to fashion such as swing tags, labels, packaging and social media. We went for a design that was millennial and fresh yet sophisticated and luxurious.

A website redesign takes planning and strategy. It requires setting goals, understanding users, rethinking content, looking at competition, and making it responsive and SEO-friendly. We knew that the way the Raishma website functioned as a whole would help us meet our business goals. After much research, we decided that from a long term business objective, developing the platform on shopify was the best direction for the brand. View the new updated website at -

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