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KOTAWALA – Social Media Management

KOTAWALA, a jewelry brand with an illustrious legacy spanning 250 years, is renowned for its timeless designs that seamlessly blend tradition with uniqueness. Each piece crafted by KOTAWALA reflects true finesse, featuring innovative touches and a steadfast commitment to craftsmanship.

Recognizing the importance of establishing a robust social media presence, KOTAWALA engaged the services of X&Zero. Starting from scratch, X&Zero embarked on the creation of captivating social media pages focused on narrative-led content. This approach commenced by sharing the brand's journey and subsequently delving into showcasing the various facets of their exquisite jewelry.

The weekly and day-to-day activities encompass designing and curating content calendars, crafting compelling reels and videos for engaging posts & stories, and composing captions that harmonize with the brand's refined tone of voice. Through an emphasis on captivating storytelling and visually striking content, KOTAWALA's social media channels serve as a window into the brand's world, captivating followers while solidifying their position as leaders in the jewellery industry.

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