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Este Couture, a London-based multi-designer store with nascent social media presence engaged XandZero to build a digital ecosystem for the brand, source new designers and strengthen the relationship between existing designers and brand team.

XandZero devised a social media strategy that managed key social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for the brand. Helmed the creation of original and curated content, creative design, influencer engagement and brand housekeeping online. Thereby organically building a robust social media ecosystem with compelling content and impactful engagements.

Engaged one of the leading bloggers and influencers, Kaushal Modha who exemplifies diversity and speaks to a follower base of 888K on Instagram, 94K on Facebook and 2.21M subscribers on Youtube. Este Couture dressed the renowned beauty blogger for three of her pre-wedding ceremonies – Engagement, Mehendi and Sangeet in Astha Narang, House of Masaba and Kartikeya India.

For Este Couture, this unpaid influencer marketing activation garnered 3000+ Instagram Followers, 20+ leads and enquiries for the designer outfits, 20000+ profile visits, an average of 800 likes on Kaushal’s Instagram posts and 5500+ Views on Kaushal’s Instagram stories.

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