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Joy Pre School & Daycare - Content & Creative

JOY is a Preschool and Daycare center situated in the suburbs of Mumbai, India. Started by mother-son duo Anuradha and Siddhant Goswami, Joy amalgamates the needs of today and tomorrow with traditional and modern methods by understanding a child’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient). JOY strives to achieve the all-round development of children in the early stages of life.

As a new entrant in the preschool market, JOY was looking at creating informative content that would assuredly answer the parents' questions. After multiple meetings with Siddhant and in-depth research on preschools in India and globally, we derived a fitting tone and vocabulary to create highly educative website content that would explain all facets of JOY in detail. 

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