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INDEPENDENCE DAY WALK - Mag Street Café & Walkitecture

In celebration of Independence Day, X&Zero curated a truly exceptional experience in partnership with Walkitecture and Mag Street Café. The event commenced with a captivating stroll through the iconic lanes and sites of South Bombay.

Here, Architect Nikhil Mahashur artfully illuminated the architectural significance of South Bombay both before and after independence, immersing everyone in the history of the city. The event culminated with a ceremonial flag hoisting at Mag Street Café.

At its core, Walkitecture stands as a passion-driven endeavor conceived by Architect and Restorer Nikhil Mahashur, tailored for both architectural students and enthusiasts alike. Its purpose is to delve into the heritage sites, iconic architectural landscapes, and lesser-known buildings of South Bombay through enthralling walking tours.

This walk was designed by X&Zero as an ongoing partnership between Mag Street Café & Walkitecture.

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