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Creative & Social Media Engagement - MK Jewels

Since 1999, MK Jewels has been a benchmark for design, craftsmanship, quality and price. As India’s leading manufacturer and retailer of Real Diamond, Gold and CZ jewelry, the brand offers more than 5000 exclusive designs and a wide-ranging collection. Over the past 20 years, Ram and Neelam Raimalani have successfully established stores in Mumbai and Ahmedabad alongside a loyal customer base across the country and globally.  

Although established for two decades, MK JEWELS was now looking at enhancing brand visibility in a densely populated jewelry market. This highly competitive space is dominated by heavy spending and well-known jewelers that had consistently spent on traditional media. As a result, they were better known to consumers. After multiple meetings with Neelam, we devised a strategy that focused on strengthening the brand's online presence through engaging content.

Social Media Management We managed key social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for the brand. Helmed the creation of original visual and written content, creative design, influencer engagement and brand housekeeping. The result? Built a robust social media ecosystem for the brand.

Creative Design To communicate various facets of the brand like new collection announcements, sale promotions, X & Zero ideated and executed the creative design for print advertisements, in-store visuals, Instagram advertisements and brand collateral's.  

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