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Cake & Chai - Fiona Cairns X Amrapali Jewels

Amrapali Jewels is a prolific and iconic family-owned and run jewellery house. Steeped in heritage and based in the world’s coloured gem-stone capital Jaipur, Amrapali embodies the enduring magic of Rajasthan.

Named after a courtesan to an ancient Indian god or king, Amrapali has over the span of 40 years, served royal families, discerning gem lovers and jewellery connoisseurs. Amrapali’s London emporium is situated in Beauchamp Place where contemporary jewellery and historic objects d’art are set against a minimalist backdrop with striking photography from Amrapali’s Jaipur workshops. Additional collections can be viewed at their concession within Harrods Fine Jewellery room.

Today, as India’s only jeweller with the capacity to complete the entire jewellery-making process within the walls of its own beloved workshops, Amrapali is committed to breathing new life into centuries-old Indian jewellery-making traditions, from enamelling to the techniques of paan wood - often injecting a contemporary Western twist.

Bold and dramatic regal necklaces piled high with vibrantly coloured precious stones sit near delicate, fine jewels handcrafted around ancient relics – now almost ornaments in their own right.

The strategy for the brand in London was focused on communicating the brand ethos and values by reaching out to a wider set of customers and individuals that influenced and narrated the brand story. This was done with the goal of strengthening the brand's market positioning, channel relationships, press relationship and ultimately with a focus on boosting sales.

We collaborated with royal cake maker Fiona Cairns to celebrate National Tea Day in the United Kingdom by putting an Indian twist to the traditional High Tea. The concept fused cakes made by Fiona and Indian cutting chai (a traditional and widely popular Indian tea tradition). In attendance at the event were the Amrapali Jewels director, Tarang Arora and Suzy Menkes, formerly the fashion editor for the International Herald Tribune and currently Editor Vogue International.

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