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The Bombay Shirt Company Traveling Tailor!

Conceived and based in the heart of Mumbai, the Bombay Shirt Company encapsulates all that is romantic about the city. Modern and fast-paced, Bombay has somehow managed to retain its old-world charm. In the same vein, the Bombay Shirt Company combines quality tailoring with a large selection of fabrics and pairing contemporary designs with classic cuts for men and women. Akshay and Alex started Bombay Shirt Company as a platform for fashion-forward, tailor-fit shirts that are both affordable and accessible. 

For a start-up brand looking to permeate the press and engage with the rising digital platforms, we suggested an experience-led PR & Marketing approach. This resulted in garnering the initial mileage for the brand across print and digital media. 

Bombay Shirt Company Traveling Tailor

A unique kiosk that pops up at key spots in the city and lets you try out samples, give measurements, feel the fabric and personalize your shirt on the spot. It offers the latest trends in customizable elements and options and all you need to do is round off your creation with a personal stamp or monogram. To kick-start the concept, Bombay Shirt Company invited India's leading blogger Riaan George for a bespoke tailoring experience along with one-on-one interviews with city newspapers.


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