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Blue Tokai x Walkitecture

This one was for coffee lovers and those who wanted a closer look at Bombay, much before it transitioned to Mumbai.

X&Zero brought together Walkitecture and Blue Tokai for a morning walk blending heritage and coffee. On this walk through the Kala Ghoda precinct, guests saw how this historical neighbourhood was shaped architecturally, discovered its hidden spots and appreciated its glorious past. The walk started with a brew to-go and wrapped up with a 90-minute cupping and tasting session with the roasters at Blue Tokai's Kala Ghoda coffee shop.

X&Zero's two-prong approach - online, through content and offline, through immersive experiences, not only generated organic content for social media but also led to awareness for Walkitecture and its founder Nikhil Mahashur.

Nikhil Mahashur is a Mumbai-based Architect and Restorer at the helm of NMA (Nikhil Mahashur & Associates). Nikhil also runs Walkitecture, a passion project that explores South Bombay's iconic architecture through immersive walking tours.

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