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Avomexicano at Powai Run Carnival

Avomexicano, a new homegrown F&B brand, has consistently strived to provide consumers with 100% natural, virgin, cold-pressed avocado oil of the highest quality. Alongside this, the brand is committed to educating individuals about the advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle.

By documenting and sharing offline events on social media, such as the brand's presence and activities at the Powai Run Carnival, X&Zero, the social media management team, effectively introduced Avomexicano to the fitness community in suburban Mumbai. This was aimed to create awareness about the brand and its benefits among health-conscious marathoners and local residents, ultimately updating followers on the latest happenings. By sharing its presence at events like the Powai Run Carnival, Avomexicano can reach a wider audience, particularly those who are health-conscious and interested in fitness.

Through these efforts, the brand can establish a strong online presence, educate consumers about the benefits of their avocado oil, and reinforce their commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle. We believe documenting offline events on social media serves as a powerful tool for creating awareness, expanding reach, and keeping followers updated about the brand's activities.

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