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Art & Charlie Walk

Nestled within the enchanting lanes of Pali Village, Art & Charlie stands as a hidden treasure, a nomadic gallery, and a cultural haven that has evolved into a platform for showcasing and curating captivating art experiences, capturing the attention of numerous artists and art enthusiasts. This serene cottage offers a captivating fusion of visual artworks from both Indian-origin artists and beyond, accompanied by art-centric weekend events and immersive experiences.

The brainchild of Architect and Restorer Nikhil Mahashur, Walkitecture is a passion-driven endeavor that beckons architecture enthusiasts and curious explorers to join in unique walks and tours, delving into the elegance of Bombay's architectural marvels.

In a collaborative effort, Art & Charlie and Walkitecture, along with Xand&Zero, orchestrated an artistic spectacle that seamlessly melded art and architecture amidst the idyllic backdrop of Pali village. Venturing through iconic bungalows, delving into the origins of architectural sites and designs, the event facilitated a sharing of collective insights. The experience was beautifully complemented by Art & Charlie's solo art exhibition, featuring the exquisite works of accomplished artist Shad Fatima.

Through this compelling amalgamation, X&Zero facilitated a harmonious blend of two distinct brands, fostering a unique and captivating interplay between art and architecture. Beyond the surface, this collaboration also united diverse audiences, creating an enchanting social presence and compelling content that helped feed social media channels.

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