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Aditi Somani - Campaign Shoots

Amplifying Brand Engagement With Campaign Shoots

X&Zero partnered with Aditi Somani, a fashion designer, to enhance the visibility and engagement of her eponymous label on social media. Aditi's designs showcase a fusion of contemporary cuts and Indian motifs, crafted with exquisite intricacies and unique embellishments by skilled Indian artisans.


In addition to social media management, X&Zero undertook the task of ideating, styling, and shooting for the brand’s social media campaigns. We began by conceptualizing and brainstorming shoot ideas and references that aligned with her brand ethos and the collections to be shot. To bring the campaign to fruition, X&Zero orchestrated a meticulously planned photoshoot. Each shot showcased the flattering silhouettes and handcrafted excellence, effectively conveying the brand's narrative.


The visually stunning visuals and engaging photoshoot garnered heightened audience attention and increased brand engagement across social media platforms.

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