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Abode x Subko Specialty Coffee x Kuber Shah x Walkitecture

X&Zero put together a unique experience that combined the architectural history of the city (Walkitecture) with speciality coffee & bakes (Subko) and art (Kuber Shah) at Bombay's first luxury boutique hotel (Abode).

Walkitecture has been pushing forward a greater appreciation for Mumbai's most historic neighbourhoods with a set of curated walking & cycling tours for Mumbaikars, tourists and architecture enthusiasts. This edition looked at Kalaghoda and took the guests for a history-filled walk, coffee tasting and an art viewing.

X&Zero's two-prong approach - online, through content and offline, through immersive experiences, not only generated organic content for social media but also led to awareness for Walkitecture and its founder Nikhil Mahashur.

Nikhil Mahashur is a Mumbai-based Architect and Restorer at the helm of NMA (Nikhil Mahashur & Associates). Nikhil also runs Walkitecture, a passion project that explores South Bombay's iconic architecture through immersive walking tours.

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