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A gentlemen’s store, RARO - Spotlight Media Coverage

A gentlemen’s store, RARO redefined luxury and fashion in Pune with its array of international and native labels who endorsed their signature collections. 

Prometheus offered discerning cigar lovers a complete assortment of its limited-edition Cuban cigars and fine cigar accessories. Riedel's revolutionizing glass-making excellence honed over 250 years was displayed through its premium instruments made for savouring wines and spirits. Trunks Company Jaipur showcased bespoke luxury trunks to treasure possessions to perfection. In addition to that, RARO offered personalized styling consultations by ace men’s couturier Narendra Kumar and the new-fangled Bollywood designer Shahid Amir

To promote this one-of-a-kind luxury retail store devoted exclusively to men, an effective press strategy was devised. This led to the introduction of the brand to the media and fashion-conscious men across the city. 

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